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Designed new modern interface applied and programic software for payment touch screen terminals


Payment terminals

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Processing System «Unipay»

The system of monitoring and billing

One of the directions of point-of-sale (POS) terminals idustry is their service. Deferred maintenance or failure of the terminal may result in loss of potential income. To solve this problem, the company "Unipay" developed the system of monitoring and billing POS terminals.


The system of monitoring and billing


Constant monitoring of the machine allows us to reduce machine downtime to a minimum or even avoid it. This is possible thanks to the timely maintenance of the machine and the information incoming from the monitoring system. The monitoring system simplifies forming of the sale data of goods with the help of terminal, and the owner can get to know the fact of sale in the real-time mode. On the server, this information is processed and formed as analysis report, that greatly simplifies management of POS terminals.

Duty of billing in the system:

  • transfer to the server of message on the sale of goods (commodity code, commodity price, date and time of sale);
  • transfer to the server data on the amount of money in the payment system of machine (number of coins, number of banknotes).

Duty of monitoring in the system:

  • transfer to the server of warning notes (about the running short of the ingredients, the lack of change delivery, about the filling of money chambers, the end of paper, about the running of the terminal on the battery);
  • transfer to the server error codes detected during the work of machine;
  • diagnostics of the machine status and transfer to the server failure messages;
  • test of communication with machine.

Configuration functions:

  • using the system, the operator can specify certain parameters for the machine (for example, change the price of goods, add a new product, switch on/off the terminal, change the address of the terminal).


The developed system - is a software and hardware complex. It consists of a monitoring board, server part and client program. Monitoring board consists of matching module with equipment of machine, as well as GPRS-modem that can transfer data to the server for further processing.

The client program visually shows the status of terminals and generates some reports. In addition, you can review the reports on the web - page.

This system is successfully implemented and tested in our terminals and parking machines. There is a possibility of adapting the system to any vending machines. The system pays for expenses in several months.

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