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Water sale

Card reader and key reader with chip Mifare.


Payment terminals

Designed new modern interface applied and programic software for payment touch screen terminals


Payment terminals

Designed add aplication for OS Android.

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Payment Terminals | Terminal Accessories

Watchdog Timer

Watchdog TimerWatchdog timer increases the reliability of the payment terminal by eliminating the failures of the operating system Windows, GPRS-modem and program payment. This significantly saves time on the service terminal. You do not need go to terminal if failure occurred in the system, because watchdog timer automatically solves the problem.

Functions of Watchdog Timer:

  • Automatically restart the terminal in case of crash Windows.
  • Automatically restart the terminal in case it fails.
  • Automatically restart the terminal in case of failure of payment programs.
  • Recovering Internet connection with the loss of communication.

The principle of the watchdog timer:

Program in the most critical parts of code runs Watchdog-timer and periodically set to null its value. If, within a specified time the program is not set to null or will not stop running watchdog-timer, it restarts the computer through the alarm RESET. Intervals expectations set certain parameters.

To control the Internet connection timer checks the availability of specific addresses on the Internet, and if that address is no answer timer reinsert connection.

Watchdog timer consists of hardware and software components - a set of drivers and board.

The physical layer protocol is based on the interface RS232.

Communication channel options:

Speed: 19,200
Number of data bits: 8
Number of stop bits: 1
Control Parity: NO
Control flow: NO


The warranty period -12 months.

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