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Water sale

Card reader and key reader with chip Mifare.


Payment terminals

Designed new modern interface applied and programic software for payment touch screen terminals


Payment terminals

Designed add aplication for OS Android.

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Payment Terminals

Attachment to coffee machines

Integration RechBox board in coffee machine

Fees RechBox developed for use in M2M devices. One such device is the automatic recharge mobile phones.

It can connect the following external devices:
  • Printer;
  • Keyboard;
  • LCD display;
  • Open door detector;
  • IButton;
  • GVP-devices (up to 50 units).

Motherboard has two connectors for connecting additional peripherals. One port (UART) is used in automatic updating to connect the UPS, the other (I2C) used to connect the GVP-devices.

By the GVP-devices include:
  • Banknote reader;
  • Coin mechanisms;
  • Change giver;
  • Keyboard;
  • Keyboard emulation;
  • Other devices.

To connect board to the coffee machine using port UART. Physically on board are three connectors, each of which presents a standard interface (EXECUTIVE, MDB and ccTalk). Logical ports connected to one port (UART), since all the above-mentioned interfaces are consistent.

Thus, the RechBox board supports three common vending protocols. Payment automatically determines the desired protocol.

Configurations and modes of payment RechBox in coffee machine:

  • Lite - takes charge of the remote auditor, that collects information from devices, coffee machine and sends it to the server. But not updating in this mode. This mode also do not need a display or printer, or keyboard, or other external devices.
  • Standart - board has its own display, keyboard and printer. Deposit is active.Machine connected to the board through one of the three vending protocols. It can use a keyboard emulator, which is needed to replace the standard keyboard coffee machine. Because the fee includes a separate keyboard, there is no need placement in slot two keyboards. In this case the emulator instead of the customer at the right time to press the button coffee machine. The client will choose the goods on board keyboard.
  • Extended - but all that is in the mode Standart, added the rest of the issuance system, which connects with GVP-protocol. You can connect your existing keyboard coffee machine to pay for an optional module GVP-keyboard.

Since the system connection RechBox board is modular, you can connect additional devices via interface GVP.

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