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Card reader and key reader with chip Mifare.


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Designed new modern interface applied and programic software for payment touch screen terminals


Payment terminals

Designed add aplication for OS Android.

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Car wash vending machines

"OM-2" Car wash vending machine.

Full name:"OM-2" Car wash vending machine.


Purpose:automatic screen wash sales (in a buyer`s container).

Physical characteristics: structurally terminal "OM-2" is a rectangular box with dimensions: 1800mm high, 550mm wide, 700mm deep; material - metal; body fulfilled for outdoor use, weight less than 100kg.

Power supply: 220V AC (205 - 240V AC) 50Hz; power consumption is 100W.

User interface:character (20X4) monochrome LCD display with illumination, matrix keyboard (3x4), physical managing buttons, i-Button.

Communication channels:secured connection to the server via GSM-modem (by GPRS), the possibility of receiving SMS messages.


  • body material - metal;
  • appropriate for outdoor use;
  • power supply units : 5V (DC) and 12V (DC);
  • climate control system;
  • machine control unit - "RechBox" printed circuit board "RechBox" with "Additional Board" expansion printed circuit board of inputs and outputs;
  • aeriar for GSM-modem;
  • monochrome character LCD-display (20X4);
  • matrix keyboard (3x4);
  • control buttons (“Start” and “Stop”) for screen wash pouring;
  • coins receiver (for receiving coins as a payment);
  • bill receiver (bill validator for taking notes as a payment);
  • storage and supply system for screen wash (consisting of: a 300L tank for a screen wash; pipelines, valves and fixtures for them, pump, screen wash counter; screen wash electromagnetic valve, external hose and gun for screen wash);
  • instructions on the terminal use labeled on its front panel.

Possible additional options to the basic configuration of the terminal: the terminal can be upgraded for the issuance of the change (coins and / or bills), bank cards module, thermal printer for checks printing; fiscal recorder; magnetic card reader (Mifare) for identifying regular customers (to provide discounts, for example). According to the customer`s wishes terminal can be equipped with additional functionality: the function of mobile accounts topping-up, swap tires pumping up with compressed air, etc. Also at the customer's request, the terminal can be equipped with UPS.

The advantages of this product:

  • "OM-2" vending machine for screen wash is appropriate for outdoor use thus it can be installed outdoors, near petrol stations, service stations, tire stations, car stores, roadside catering, or just along roadsides and streets; terminal is fully automatic and does not require constant supervision of a staff;
  • terminal owner has full remote control of the sales that are made by vending machine: of the number of screen wash, that are sold, control of the screen wash remainder (its low level), control of the amount of money that is available at any specific time in the vending machine;
  • vending machine monitoring system that enables obtaining information on the technical condition of the terminal in real time mode via a web-interface (power supply shortage, temperature, vending machine trable open door, screen wash low level, available amount of money in the vending machine);
  • the possibility availability of owner or technicians SMS informing on specific events: opening terminal doors; emergency power switching off; lock of screen wash; terminal trouble.

For more technical information, and information on the cost and possible terms of delivery, please contact us via our contacts.

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