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Water sale

Card reader and key reader with chip Mifare.


Payment terminals

Designed new modern interface applied and programic software for payment touch screen terminals


Payment terminals

Designed add aplication for OS Android.

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Bottling water machine

Aquaterminal - AkvaUnipay


  • Dimensions: 2200x700x1350;
  • weight machine: without water no more than 300 kg;
  • plastic barrels:1280 l.;
  • Voltage: 205-240V, 50 Hz;
  • Ultraviolet sterilizer Sterilight sc4
  • Power consumption: 100 W;
  • Display Type: monochrome;
  • Banknotereader: CashCode MVU;
  • Reader: Mifare;
  • Coin mechanism: RM5 (moisture);
  • antenna;
  • GSM-modem: with GPRS support;
  • water meter;
  • heating system with thermostat;
  • Water poured is dosed;
  • vandal implementation allows to place aquaterminal on the streets;

Monitoring System:

Monitoring - a processing program for information on the trading system, (the state apparatus, the remaining water, cash in the machine, useful information). Monitoring presented as a web service to access information can be done from any point of the planet (via the Internet).

Automatic SMS-message comes in the following cases:

  • Opening doors machine.
  • emergency power outage.
  • lack of water in the machine.
  • Filling capacity less than 30%.
  • Faulty machine.
Vending Machine AkvaUnipey can be equipped with additional function mobile replenishment. This expands the range of services provided by machine, and provides the holder apparatus additional profit.

Offer to establish a network akvaterminaliv Offer to establish a network akvaterminaliv

Disinfecting water Sterilight SC4

Obezzarazhuvach water Sterilight SC4

UV water sterilizer Sterilight use uv energy radiation wavelength - 253.7 nm to kill microbiological contaminants.

radiation destroys the DNA molecule in cell bactery and microorganisms, preventing their reproduction.

turns through the top port water sterilized and ready for consumption.

requirements submitted to the input water:
  • concentration of total iron: not more than 0.3 mg / l.
  • concentration of hydrogen sulfide: not more than 0.05 mg / l.
  • content of suspended solids: not more than 10 mg / l.
  • concentration of manganese: not more than 0.05 mg / l.
  • Hardness of water: not more than 2.5 mEq / l.
  • If the source water exceeds the above values, you must provide the appropriate pre-treatment of water.

    Performance (m3) - 0,6

    Adition size (inch) - 1/2 "

    Dimensions, cm (LxWxH) - 46.2 x6, 5x6, 5

    Bulb Type - S330RL


Water - the most common on our planet and the mysterious hitherto mineral. It exists in many different states, has many vital properties, including memory. Water can behave in the body and as an elixir of life, and how active its enemy. Water quality is of paramount importance to our lives and the state of our health.

Water has its personal structure (the structure of atoms), which varies depending on the environment in which it is located. From the structure of water depends on it will be useful or harmful.

For drinking, of course, better use of natural water sources, which is rich in oxygen and beneficial organic matter. But most of us have to use tap water, which we usually boil before drinking, and just boiled water - dead, it loses a lot of useful properties, mineral trace elements in it altered.

As a result of constant metabolic water released from the body, so the amount of water in the body needs constant replenishment.

raw water is much more useful. Apparatus of "Unipey" made of quality materials specifically for the storage and sale of natural artesian water. Water we offer you to use - quality, tasty and useful.

Take care of your health and the health of their loved ones, drink good water and stay healthy!!!

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