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Semi-automatic parking lot

Work principle

A driver approaches an entry counter and presses the button to get a card. If there are free parking places, the barrier opens.

Before exit the drives comes to the parking lot operator, gives him the card and pays for parking service. The operator returns the card and bill.

The driver comes to the exit counter and inserts the card into the card validator.

The barrier opens.


Automatic parking lot

Work principle

A driver approaches an entry counter and presses the button on it to get a card. The barrier opens. (Optionally photo fixing and automatic number plate recognition system can be installed).

   Before leaving the parking lot the driver pays for the parking services, using payment terminal and the entry card.

   After the payment, the driver has some time to leave the parking lot. Time limit is set.

   While leaving the parking lot, the driver puts the paid card into the exit counter. If the service has been paid and exit time limit has not been exceeded, the counter takes the card and the barrier opens.

Paved parking space

Work principle

It belongs to open ground parking lots.

It is not equipped with a barrier and is set on the driving area (road, square), which must be appropriately defined, and there must be a pay parking sign. 

A driver pays for parking services via the terminal and leaves the bill on the windscreen. 

The parking lot stuff controls payments.


Fringe parking

Work principle

The parking lot is located near a downtown. 

A driver leaves the car on the parking lot and goes by public transport.

Such type of parking lots reduces road congestion, by decrease in personal transport.

It is implemented on the base on automatic or semi-automatic parking system.

Automatic parking lots work principle

Entering an automatic parking lot, a vehicle driver stops by an entry counter and presses the button to get a parking card/coupon. When the card/coupon is being taken, the barrier opens and the driver enters the parking lot. After this the barrier closes. If, unexpectedly, because of some reason, the car stops under the barrier, it will not hit the car, as inductive loops feel that a car is present under the barrier. Also the second safety degree that is an IR sensor will make this impossible.  After the vehicle has been some time on the parking lot, at exit the driver demonstrates a cashier the card/coupon (depends on the system configuration). The cashier scans the card/coupon and the information on the sum to be paid appears on the information board. After the money is paid, the barrier opens and the vehicle is able to leave the parking lot. 


Let’s look at the types of cards that are used in automatic parking system:

Subscription cards are used to limit a vehicle time of being on the parking lot. 

Debit cards are used to limit parking price. 

Service cards are used by emergency services cars. 

A customer who has a valid card uses it at entry and exit. The system defines if the card is valid; checks account balance and reduces the balance by parking price.


Automatic parking system prevents from misuse, namely, it is impossible to get a card/coupon at the entry counter if there is no car. This prevents from card theft. A customer can’t plot with aa cashier, as barrier management is done via cash register and without payment a barrier doesn’t open. For privileged drivers, who can be on a parking free, the barrier opens after their document photo has been included into the database.

Our advantages:


Our Ukrainian products are more financially loyal and their quality and functions are as good as ones from abroad.


Automatic parking lot works around the clock


Time between equipment order and automatic parking lot launch is 45 days.


All equipment warranty is one year.


Our customers are provided with technical support during whole service period.


We provide free software updates during whole service period.