Changing machine (Coin exchanger)

Basic equipment price is $ 999

The purpose of the machine is to exchange banknotes into tokens or coins of one or two denominations. The cost of the token is determined by the owner.

The token exchanger:

- receives banknotes of the National Bank of Ukraine;

- issues tokens.


- Control and accounting;

- Installation on the street;

- Minimizing the human factor;

- Twice as cheap as a foreign analogue.


Automatic SMS-message comes in the following cases:


 a machine door opening; • emergency power outage; • lack of tokens in the machine; • hopper filling below the level; • machine malfunction.



Control system


Each machine is equipped with a monitoring system. Monitoring is a program for processing information on the vending machine (the machine condition, the balance of tokens, cash in the device, useful information). Monitoring is presented as a web service, through which information can be accessed from anywhere on the planet (via the Internet).


Machine location


The machine is installed on the street. Recommended places - car washes, playgrounds, subway, supermarkets.


Contact Information

Lviv, Ugorska street, 14

+38 (067) 68-999-44

Email: unipay.ua@gmail.com

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