Food vending machines.
Saeco BP 36 snack vending machine

Price €1400

   Saeco Break Point-36 snack vending machine is designed for packed food sale (sandwiches, drinks, chips, crackers, etc.), storage of which does not demand strong cooling, but only maintenance of the stable temperature. Saeco Break Point-36 snack vending machine is able to cool food and drinks moderately. It can be set for temperatures from +6 to +15 degrees. The interface language is Ukrainian.


The control system. Each machine is equipped with monitoring system that works due to GPRS and makes it possible to track sales and technical condition of the machine and form statistics for the desirable period.

The payment system is CashCode MSM bill validator able to keep up to 500 banknotes.

Each machine is equipped with a key reader. This is a loyalty system to the end customer, which solves the problem of change and to charge bonuses for the regular customers. Thus the purchase by the specific customer in the vending machines chain is stimulated.

Overall dimensions

Height  1.7 mm

Width  700.0 mm

Depth  850.0 mm

Weigh 220.0 kg


The manufacturer                     Saeco

Producing country                   Italy

Control system producer         UniPay

Producing country                   Ukraine

Vending machine                    Snacks sale

Control type                         Electron-mechanic

Good issue mechanism          Spiral

Payment system    СаshCode MSM bill validator

Set up type                                 Floor

Operation conditions                Indoor

Max temperature                       +18 degrees

Min temperature                       +6 degrees

Power type                               Network, 220 W

Nominal power consumption       0.6 kV

Material                                  Steel

Color                                      blue, black

Warranty period                      2 months

Контактна інформація

Львів, вул. Угорська, 14

+38 (067) 68-999-44


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