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UniPay processing system is aimed at processing Unipay and other payment terminals inquiries. It provides uninterrupted work and high transaction processing speed. UniPay PS in real time mode processes large streams of information and works stably with a large number of payment terminals.. It is possible to fill a mobile account, Internet account or pay for parking service online. In picture you can see the whole processing system work cycle: from customer part (payment terminal) to server part of payment system and next to mobile connection operators. 



Server part consists of a few servers and data base. Every server has special function:

  • Main Server provides payment terminals support; work with data base, transactions execution. Main server has additional work copy that automatically becomes active if there are any problems with the main copy.
  • Modems server provides work with GSM modems.
  • SMS Messenger (Automatic SMS sender) has a function of SMS sending to the terminals users and technicians.
  • Automatic reports generating system accounts and depicts customers’ financial information via the Internet.
  • Data base server and reserve data base server provide necessary functions and reliability of information storage while the system works.

All external connection canals (terminal – server, server – payment system) use coding. To monitor and follow system work software has been developed that automatically monitors the system work and report on emergencies. Internet access is provided by two channels of different providers. Electricity supply is provided by two independent sources and there is reserve portable power plant.

Monitoring and billing system

One of the branches of the vending machines industry is their service. Not done in due time service or a terminal failure turns into loss of potential income. To solve this problem, UniPay TM has developed vending machine monitoring and billing system.


Permanent machine monitoring allows minimizing or even avoiding standby time. This is possible due to the timely service of the machine and the information coming from the monitoring system. The monitoring system simplifies statistics formation on the sale of goods, and the owner can find out about the fact of sale in real time. On the server, this information is processed and formed as an analytical report that greatly simplifies trading terminals management.

-to transfer  a message about the sale of goods (code of the goods, price of the goods, date and time of sale) to the server;

- to transfer the data on the amount of money in the machine payment system (number of coins, number of banknotes) to the server.

-sending warnings to the server (about the end of ingredients, the absence of the rest, the filling of cash cells, the end of paper, the operation of the terminal on the battery);

- transfer to the server error codes found during the operation of the machine;

- diagnostics of the state of the machine and transmission to the server of a failure message;

- checking the connection with the machine.

Using the system, the operator can specify certain parameters for the machine (for example, change the price of the product, add a new product, enable / disable the terminal, change the terminal address).

The developed system is a software and hardware complex. It consists of a monitoring board, a server part and a client program. The monitoring board consists of a module for matching with the machine equipment, as well as with a GPRS-modem, which allows the data to be transferred to the server for their further processing. The client program visually displays the status of the terminals and generates certain reports. You can also view reports through a web page. This system has been successfully implemented and tested on our terminals and parking meters. It is possible to adapt the system to any vending machine. The system pays off in a few months.

Adaptation of the system to the customer

The structure of our company includes a department of information technology and development, which consists of highly skilled employees. Specialists of the department are able to adapt all products sold by our company to the wishes of the client. For example, add new functionality, change the shape, size and equipment of our machines. At customer's request, we can make new developments in the field of vending systems.

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