Cost $ 1,150 (without turnstile)

Steel case, powder painting;

Weight of the machine not more than 40 kg;

Voltage of the network 205-240V, 50 Hz;

Power consumption100 W;


monochrome  display  ;

Card reader (optional);

Payment system:

Cashcode MVU bill validator;

Machine assignment

The machine carries an automatic pass to the premises after a payment. The fee is determined by the owner.

The machine allows:

-  to accept  all denominations of banknotes of the National Bank of Ukraine;

- to work with cards (optionally);

- to print a check (optionally).

Machine location

The machine can be set indoors. Recommended locations are stations, subway, petrol stations, and supermarkets.

Control system

The machine is equipped with a monitoring system. Monitoring is a program for processing information on the vending machine (the machine condition, balance on cash in the device, useful information). Monitoring is presented as a web service, through which information can be accessed from anywhere on the planet (via the Internet).

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Lviv, Ugorska street, 14

+38 (067) 68-999-44


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