Terminal for glass washer sale OM – 1

Price $2300.

Body – steel, powder painting 

Dimensions: 1700х720х720 mm, monochromes display; Cashcode MVU bill validator, antenna, GSM modem with GPRS support, meter;

Weigh up to 150 kg, network voltage is 205-240 V, 50Hz;

Consumer power – 100 W, capacity – 315 liters

Loyalty system for the end customer

Optionally every terminal can be equipped with a reader of a card or a key with Mifare faucet. The loyalty system for the end customer lets make discounts and set down bonuses for the end customer, depending on the amount of purchase. Thus, glass wash purchase in this terminal chain is stimulated.

Advantages of glass wash sale in a terminal:

Control and accounting

Outdoor location

Human factor minimizing

Low purchase price

Possibility to buy any amount of glass wash

Control system

Every machine has monitoring system. Monitoring – is a program for processing information on a vending machine (its condition, liquid remainder, cash in the machine, useful information). Monitoring exists as a web service, thus information can be accessed anywhere (via the Internet). The machine can be additionally equipped with a mobile phone refill function. This broadens the variety of services and gives the terminal owner additional profit.

Terminal work algorithm

Press button ‘1’ which is responsible for glass wash purchase

Put notes into bill validator

Insert the gun into the car's glass washer tank

Press the button on the pistol to pour the washer into the tank

To get the change, press button ‘change’ (optional function).

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