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‘Intelligent Vending Systems’ LLC


Specialization ТМ UniРay

The company specialization is the development of a universal e-platform, which reduces the time of designing a new vending machine.

We have developed and implemented a serial production of payment terminals, parking meters, automatic parking systems, water vending machines, control panels for self-service car washes, self-service vacuum cleaners.

Intelligent Vending Systems LLC, UniPay TM is a company that has been successfully implementing vending technologies since 2008. During this time, the market has been changing, transforming, expanding, so the company quickly reacts to the needs of the market, regularly updates the software and replenishes the product range.


The company has already completed the development and introduction of self-service car washes that are a high-tech product, of as good quality as foreign analogues.

The company works on a closed technological cycle. It is a joint work of one team of designers, programmers, managers and assemblers, which allows implementing any customers’ needs and quickly responding to market trends. For example, all hardware is equipped with a monitoring system that enables business remote control and quickly respond to problems.


Company advantages :

Along with its own products UniPay TM provides services for the development of vending system components (control and processing boards, monitoring Web-cabinets, software for displaying statistics and analytics) to order.

An additional advantage of the company is the developed processing software and hardware complex, which real-time interacts with machines, allows you to accept and process transactions, configure and update software, monitor technical condition.

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Intelligent Vending Systems LLC, TM UniPay, is a company that has been successfully implementing vending technologies since 2008.