Technical resources and specialists of our company allow us to implement projects of hard- and software development. We are experienced in implementing such projects for different needs in accordance with the technical requirements of the customer. In the process we use the latest developments in the field of design technology. Our company can always analyze the project with the customer and offer own solutions


Software development

The company performs a full range of services for any type software development to your requirements and wishes.

Our specialists are able to carry out projects for any organizations of various fields of activity. Development of highly specialized software is the main direction of our company. We use a variety of programming tools and technologies, giving preference to the latest developments in the field of information technology.


Software development

The company has already completed the development and introduction of self-service car washes that are a high-tech product, of as good quality as foreign analogues.

Software testing

UniPay TM offers a range of testing services for software products and applications.

If you want to check the quality of your software products, we will help you with this. We will test its performance, quality of implementation, and also compare it with the best analogues. So, you will have all the information not only about quality, but also about the competitiveness of the products. We will provide high-quality software systems testing at all stages of a project implementation.

Reengineering and application integration

Our company is experienced in the field of systems integration. We are always ready to help you to implement a complex integration of your products and applications. In addition to developing new products and applications, we re-engineer the applications that work with you, while retaining the functionality and information accumulated over the years of operation. We also offer services for transferring systems from one platform to another.

UniPay TM is a professional Ukrainian company that offers high-quality software and hardware solutions for your business.

Due to many years of experience and participation in many projects, we help our clients succeed in creating and establishing cost-effective business solutions for information technology. We have an individual approach to developing each project. We analyze your needs and offer you profitable solutions. We always adhere to the terms of development of our products. Competitive advantages of UniPay TM are excellent service, high quality at low prices, precise deadlines, and confidentiality.

We will be happy to see YOU among our customers.

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Intelligent Vending Systems LLC, TM UniPay, is a company that has been successfully implementing vending technologies since 2008.