Self-service car wash

UniPay TM has already finished work on "Turnkey self-service car wash".

A self-service car wash is a high profitable business, which does not require significant investment to start it. Advantages of such car washes are obvious.

For a car wash owner:

Main part of expenses is salary for employees. Self-service car washes require only one person – administrator, who is responsible for order at the car wash and replenishes stocks of car wash detergents.

Мийка самообслуговування включає в себе пост керування процесами на мийці. Це термінал корпус A self-service car wash includes a post of process control. This is a terminal made of high quality stainless steel body. The body branding is up to the customer. There are two monitors, one is informational, and one is for countdown. Each button is responsible for a specific program start. The bill validator accepts all notes issued by National bank of Ukraine. The terminal has monitoring and billing systems. The self-service car wash owner has an access to information on the number of washed car, cash in the terminal, sums of collections, etc.

Пульт керування програмами мийки самообслуговування

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